J.E. McAmis has successfully completed numerous Environmental Restoration projects, including: superfund clean-ups, deep water-precision sand capping, ordnance clean-ups, habitat creation, endangered species protection, invasive plant removals, environmental landscaping, beach renourishment, slope protection, liner installation and erosion protection projects.


Date: 2014

The Steamboat Slough Setback Levee and Ecosystem Restoration project’s purpose was to replace the old Steamboat Slough levee at Columbia RM 35 which was failing. For decades, the old...

Date: 2013

Heavy lift services, fabrication and dive platform

Date: 2006

The McCormick and Baxter Superfund Site Phases I and II are located in the Stockton, CA, Deep Water Channel, within the Old Mormon Slough.  The Army Corps of...

Date: 2006

The Peanut Island / Snook Islands Environmental Restoration Project included excavation of over 1.3 million cubic yards of material, 53,000 tons of armor stone placement, construction of a dredged material...

Date: 2002

The Lower Clear Creek Floodway Rehabilitation Project is a multi-phased restoration meant to reverse negative impacts of gold mining, timber harvesting, road building, upstream dams and most significantly instream...