J.E. McAmis maintains a modern fleet of ABS classed dredging equipment, barges, tugboats and support vessels. J.E. McAmis has taken on difficult hard rock dredging projects from the most remote areas of the Bering Sea to some of the busiest ports in the United States.  Dredging capabilities range from routine maintenance of ports, harbors and waterways, to highly specialized precision consolidated dredging as well as dredging performed in conjunction with drilling and blasting.  J.E. McAmis has completed millions of cubic yards of difficult dredging during construction and maintenance of ports, harbors and waterways throughout the United States.


Date: 1984

The Ice Harbor Dam Project on the Columbia River consisted of drilling, blasting and dredging more than 115,000 cubic yards of Basalt in more than 20 feet of water. With drilling, blasting and dredging operations...