McCormick and Baxter Superfund Site Phases I and II Project




Stockton, CA

Project Specifications: 

  • Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers / MWH
  • Contract Price: $3,000,000
  • Completion: 2006
  • Key Elements: Sand Capping of Contaminated Bottom Materials, Bank Protection, Clearing and Grubbing, Barge and Debris Removal, Slope Stabilization, Level D Site Contamination


The McCormick and Baxter Superfund Site Phases I and II are located in the Stockton, CA, Deep Water Channel, within the Old Mormon Slough.  The Army Corps of Engineers contracted MWH, with J.E. McAmis being the subcontractor, to implement Phases I and II of the clean up of Mormon Slough and surrounding area. Phase I consisted of level D upland contaminated material excavation and disposal, construction of containment pads for contaminated/hazardous material, and slope stabilization. Phase II primarily consisted of placing a cap of clean sand underwater over a contaminated portion of the slough.