Port Canaveral Interim Corner Cutoff Project




Canaveral, FL

Project Specifications: 

  • Agency: Canaveral Port Authority
  • Contract Price: $8,000,000.00
  • Completion: 2009
  • Key Elements: Dredging, Ocean Disposal, Upland Containment Facility Construction, Ordnance Screening and Disposal, Erosion Protection, Spillway Construction, Slope Stabilization, Clearing and Grubbing, Excavation/Grading.


The Interim Corner Cut-off project was performed for the Canaveral Port Authority by J.E. McAmis, and consisted of approximately 225,000 cubic yards of upland excavation and another 300,000 cubic yards of dredging. The upland material was utilized to construct an embankment and spoil dike system. The system included a spillway, weir structure, drainage outfalls and slope protection. The entire upland site was protected from erosion through the use of silt fence, turbidity barrier, hydroseeding and sod. The dredged material was disposed of off shore in the Canaveral Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site. The project included sheet pile wall demolition, sheet pile wall modifications and installation of approximately 12,000 square feet of sheet pile along a portion of the new bank alignment. The project also included placement of rip-rap slope protection, and the construction of several concrete outfall structures.